My name is Ariel Namoca. I am a Long Island, New York based photographer. I didn't grow up in a bustling city. I didn't grow up surrounded by rippling rivers or lucent lakes.  I didn't grow up amongst magnificent mountain ranges.

I grew up in the suburbs.

In this particular suburb, the houses looked the same - as did the days. Fortunately enough, the monotony is exactly what influences my work.

I believe in capturing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

From the small moment of pure joy one feels after hearing a joke to the way a light falls on a house. These are the moments I live to capture. My areas of focus are portraits and event photography.

When I'm not snapping photos I can typically be found sipping on some craft beer, obsessively scouring the internet for memes and music, or cracking the cheesiest jokes you've ever heard.

Shoot me an e-mail to set up a photoshoot or have me at your event!

Instagram: @nuhmocuh.photo
Tumblr: nuhmocuhphoto.tumblr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/nuhmocuh.photo
E-mail: nuhmocuh.photo@gmail.com